Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Imagine that tomorrow morning you are reading the newspaper or online news and under the “Health News” heading, you find this article:

Miraculous Milk

A long-term, well-documented study has shown that certain glandular secretions occur in response to a loving and harmonious emotional state that directly effect the taste and nutritional value of milk.

The study further shows that there is a type of informational download that milk induces in the infant on a vibrational level. It is similar to telepathy, in that milk absorbs and then emits information about the quality and essence of life from the mother and her surroundings.

When Love is introduced into the formula, milk takes on a Eucharistic and sacramental function of uniting the infant with the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in form. Within the developing brain and nervous system, this influence lays the foundation for a life of close communion with Divine Consciousness.

The implications of this study are clear: Now that the healing effects of Love-saturated milk are known and understood, it is clear that we must allow no other kind to be produced, whether for nursing by infants or consumption as food. In fact, milk should no longer be looked upon as just another type of food, but in addition be understood as a special Eucharistic substance for spiritual attunement.

The implications of these findings are so important to our collective health and consciousness, that world-wide health organizations are now calling for the physical, emotional and mental well-being of milk producing mothers, human and animal, to be carefully protected by every segment of society, and for an infant's unobstructed access to mother's milk to be considered a legal and ethical birthright of every infant - human and animal.

While this “article” of course, is fictitious, the core truth it touches on is not. We all know that, once separated from its mother’s body, milk produced from the mother’s body takes over as the way by which an infant survives, by which he or she successfully steps across the threshold of birth and into the realm of growth and thriving.

But an even subtler truth at work here is that milk produced from the mother’s body is the way by which an infant continues to receive the vital Love-encoding and teaching that began in the womb; the mysterious biological "conversation" that is essential for a developing infant to continue to maintain not only biological life, but also to gain a life foundation that has been saturated with Love.

Most breastfeeding mothers, at one time or another, have come upon this more subtle truth, often only half consciously and unarticulated. Or, even sadder, perhaps quite consciously and beautifully articulated, but with no audience to listen.

But –

Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone accepted this truth as common knowledge? If this truth was indeed, wonderfully and profusely articulated throughout society? If mothers passed on this truth to their daughters – and sons – as a simple, accepted piece of teaching about “how the world works?” If the governments legislated this truth into laws protecting the well-being of milk producing mothers and the right of all babies, human and animal, to receive the Love-saturated milk of their mothers?

Imagine if ALL babies, human and animal, were fed only this unadulterated, unmodified, un-messed-with, Love-encoded milk.

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