Saturday, April 15, 2006


Supersonic Hearing

March 21. 2006

This morning my daughter woke up, sat straight up in bed, still bleary-eyed and began very softly whispering- 'koo-koo' (Choo-Choo for train), her arm pumping up and down excitedly, still looking half asleep.
I didn't hear any trains (sometimes there is one that passes behind the house), but maybe she did somewhere in the distance with her super sonic hearing. It was pretty cute.


Supersonic Memory

March 27, 2006

We were half listening to Cat Stevens floating in from the kitchen. My daughter was in the living room with me watching her new favorite movie, Totoro. The song Peace Train came on, heard in fragments. All of a sudden, she leaps up, forgetting temporarily about Totoro and shouts: KOO!-kOO! over and over again. At first I dismissed it, not connecting her shouting Koo! Koo! to the Cat Stevens song in the kitchen (my mind was pretty dim that day). There was no trains on Totoro, nor was there any outside, passing by. I just figured she thought of a train randomly and that was it. Then, she ran to the kitchen.- I followed her. It dawned on me then (finally), as I stood at the gate barring entrance to the kitchen: Koo!-Koo!-Peace Train. Oh, it clicked somewhere in my tired brain!!!
She pulled the word 'Train' from that song all the way in the kitchen from the living room while watching Totoro.
Talk about super-sonic hearing.

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