Saturday, December 02, 2006

Growing up

My daughter has exquisite diction. Always verbally precocious she is on the fast track to being a masterful linguist. She is already a really strong reader and sharp speller...But even at four and a half there is one word she doesn't pronounce correctly and it is consistently one of my most delicious mama moments to listen to her say this word. It is the morning meal. It is what she calls "brek-fixt". In conversation the other day however she did indeed say with perfect composure "breakfast". A little something burst in my heart. What? What did she say?

I looked at her with a crumbly weepy feeling taking over. And then "brek-fixt" was back. I did not imagine it. She did say it correctly just once but once was enough.

Oh, brek-fixt, please don't go away.....


Cecilia said...

I remember that feeling exactly! My oldest called the morning meal "bref-gist," and my daughter called it "brek-fiff." When "breakfast" properly entered their vocabularies it nearly broke my heart.

Lauren said...

That is so sweet. My daughter is quite the little verbal machine, but has had a few cuties..."ambleeance," now gone, :(, and "cimanim."

She told me recently (8 years old now) that she will always call cinnamon "cimanim." Awwwwwww.