Monday, July 31, 2006

As If You Weren’t Manly Enough: Doing the One-Handed Stroller Shuffle

Today, The Girl and I were on our daily walk. We crossed to the other side of the street (using the crosswalk, of course), and I see this Man walking towards us, strolling around his baby, doing the one-handed, side-step thing.

I’m sure all of you know what I am talking about:
You know-pushing the stroller with baby inside using just one muscular, manly hand while walking to the side of it.

Why is it that men have to do the one-handed stroller thing?

What is this?!

I just don’t understand.

Would your ‘manlihood’ be somehow diminished if you took to the stroller with both hands? Is it some form of ‘detachment parenting’? Or a purely unconscious action in not being able to accept responsibility of the child? What?

Not all men do this, but I’ve seen enough of it to get me thinking about this subject.

Just thinking out loud….

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