Sunday, July 23, 2006

Time Check

There was a time when I saw with clarity to the fathomless bottom of deep pools. Every drop of water was charged with meaning and intention. I found my way with ease to the very core of these dark watery places and swam and sat and listened and rode on the power of my breath until I surfaced with all of the messages I had received. My fingers strung beads or passed over the cards or pulled back from the flickering flame and I understood. I passed in and out and between. This was a time out of time. Moments flowed together seamlessly. These were my foundation.

Now I wake up and step in cat shit. I scowl at inanimate objects strewn around my home. I am hoarse with repetion of the same pleas, directions, imperatives and expletives.

Have mercy on the mama having her Saturn Return....

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