Friday, September 01, 2006

Mama Says Update

So, You may have noticed that alot of the sidebar is missing. Mama Says is being overhauled as I write.

I feel I have done what I could for Mama Says and that it's now time to move on. Whoever would like to pick it up from here, is more than welcome. (most likely LindaP)

I will be moving to another site later in the month (here). In the meantime, I will be reorganizing Mama Says and building my new site. All of my old posts from Mama Says will be on the new site as well as new material.

To our subscribers: Do not fear! You will stay on as such to Mama Says.

All the writing will stay as is on M.S., all the archives will be there and everybody who is on will still be able to post.

I will update as new things come along.

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