Friday, March 24, 2006

The funny parts of extended family living

The other night, my daughter was getting ready to put my granddaughter to bed (they live with my husband and I). I didn't realize how late it had become and I was still in the midst of re-arranging and cleaning up our home office - in other words, making lots of noise, banging around furniture, playing the stereo too loud, etc.

As I was trying to get the last few things done, my daughter calmly walked into the office (which is right next to the baby's room) and said in that absolute mommy-authority voice that used to be mine, "It's time to settle down now, Mom." Then she calmly turned, not waiting at all for a response from me, and went about the business of putting her baby to bed.

My first reaction: "Damn, I'm not done yet! I'm not finished... I don't wanna be quiet yet!"

My second reaction: Uncontrollable laughter - at how the tables do turn.

Daughter becomes Mama becomes Grandma becomes Daughter....

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