Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rituals at 2

Rituals At 2

Is full of rituals
throughout each day:
Through morning, noon and night,
found in
bath time and the bed time story,
breakfast, lunch and dinner.

in ritualistic fashion
bargaining chips vary
and are played out
with cheerio's one day,
in promises of the park on the way back
the next.

rituals are found
in the churchyard
at the information booth, of course,
among fliers for Ben & Jerry's and the
best bed & breakfast in town.

in our daily rounds
through town they are found:
it is expected
we pass the park and head down to the bakery
where little voices echo and ricochets
becoming huge, if only for a moment.

is full of rituals:
they are found throughout each day.

no matter how old we get
no matter how we grow and change
there will always be the rituals
we go through, day by day.

march 2006
not to be used without permission from author.

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