Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Bird Song

"Birdie, birdie, ba, ba, ba,
ohhh, yeah, yeah
Birdie, birdieee, ba, ba,
Yeah, yeah, yeah."

This is the sweet song that my girl has been singing lately, after literally finding her voice. I’ve been asking her to sing for quite some time now, and she’d sing out a few bars of an attempt at Baby Beluga (which is damn hard to say, thanks very much Raffi), but that was it. Just today she found her voice. Her sweet, true, loud, husky, hilarious voice. I ask her to sing and she goes off into the most random string of words she knows now. I find myself in awe of the bold move to just sing whatever is in her head, however she wants. I think how stifled we all are, walking around this world, holding in our random soundtracks, and how life has a way of limiting our voices. I hope her voice will stay strong and true, and hearing hers, I’m wondering where my own wandering tune went.

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KrisUnderwood said...

How cute! My daughter is just beginning to sing as well: Loud, with no particular tune or anything. Just whatever sound strikes her ear, I guess.
Lots of drawn out Beeeeeee's and Ohhhhhh's. I would hope as well that she isn't stifled by society's rings.