Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mama Needs More Vices

Brief conversation between myself and husband confirms my supicions. Mama needs more vices. No drinking, smoking, TV...No downtime involving unplugging my constant inner chatter. No pop culture escapism. Sometimes yoga just don't cut it.

My great passion- reading fiction - is also sometimes not quite the answer. Either my eyes are fuzzing out or my brain can't recognize those pesky letter vowel combos without lapsng into sleepyland. (after preschool age child falls asleep at her constant 10:00 bedtime)

Sometimes you just need to be at the middle school dance in the musty town hall , winning the dance contests and cramming someones mom's underbaked version of Duncan Hines brownies down with a swig of A and W. Christ were those days simple....

I think I will be my own personal Vice Squad . Instead of battling I will actively seek those BAAAAAD things I am not getting.

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