Sunday, June 11, 2006


I have a daughter who is four years old.
My daughter is four years old.
My four year old daughter...

Repetition does not make it seem any more real. Last week my daughter turned four years old. FOUR.YEARS.OLD.How can this possibly be true? Surreal moment of blowing out the candles. Four years later, me with no abdominal tone, permanant stretch marks wondering how in the world I got this far... Lately we have hit a regressive patch. Bedtime, mealtimes are a bitch. She has lost her knack for entertaining herself and lurks around looking for trouble. Most of which involves the cat.

A few weeks ago she sat in her underwear scarfing a bowl of blackberry rhubarb crisp. I was trying to talk with my husband about food and she interrupts.

"I dont want do this God Damned thing."

Silence on our part. Do not scold for foul langauge.Try and move past it. "What thing, pal?"

"Talk about buckwheat noodles."

Well, I can't argue. I didnt want to talk about GD buckwheat noodles anymore either.

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Jennifer Auletta said...

Six (months)
Hi, my first time posting...and am unclear about how to post without using the "comment" section...maybe someone could enlighten me?

My son is now six months and I am constantly astounded by time and the tricks it plays on speed and, slow, circles, zig zags and full steam ahead! He feels like he is a fourth or tenth person, since he has arrived from my body, and, you know, everyone says "oh the time goes so fast" and well yes and no...sometimes the way people say that to me, I think, "My god, he should be walking by now!"

I have pages in my journal of roughed out entries, lists of things I want to remember, lists of lists of things to do, lists of poems to write, essences to capture in a graceful form, dances to create surging from the knowledge and changes in my body...creation creation creation...moving in its zig zag path, crossing my horizon and when I can't do anything else with it, I watch it go by, grateful for it's passing...

Jennifer Auletta, June 13, 2006, 11:08