Saturday, August 12, 2006

Articles and Posts of Note: Yahoo! Co-sleeping

I found this article about co-sleeping on Yahoo! today.

Didn't the American Academy of Pediatrics (and Dentistry) at one point make a deal with Coca-cola to research funding a few years back? Whew. When I first read this, my immediate reaction was: How Ironic.

Why is it that the media and all these certified 'organizations' tell us what is right for our children, and make us feel guilty if we are not following the guidelines?

Perhaps co-sleeping is right for some and not for others. I am all for the co-sleeping. It has seen me through alot of nursing nights when The Girl was just a wee babe and it enabled me to get some much needed sleep. She doesn't nurse much during the night these days and we still happily co-sleep.

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