Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Lately, we cannot leave the house without The Girl frantically running around, scanning the possibilities of what to grab on the way out: baby dolls, blankets, clothes, anything that is within her sight.

This is not confined to leaving the house. It also occurrs when travelling from room to room within the house. She will scoop up everything she can get her hands on before leaving the room.
I've heard this stage called the Packrat Phase. I can see that. It makes sense.

So, now that the Packrat is in full force, we have passengers coming along on our walks regularly: Baby Beans, The Pink Doll (she doesn't really have a name yet), the occasional teddy and cow. They all fit snugly in the stroller, flanking The Girl; all content in this new phase, just along for the ride as passengers.

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